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What is Orrinia?

Derived from the name “Orrin,” meaning little green one,” Orrinia is your home to learn about the little green creatures that sit on your windowsill.

Orrinia is an educational archive/blog dedicated to helping houseplant owners understand more about their plants. We found that scientific information on houseplants was not available, and if it was, it was incredibly difficult to digest. 

So we created Orrinia. We are currently a work in progress, but we intend to collect and archive as much scientific information on common and rare plants as possible. This includes the botany, history, and rarity of these plants.

We seek to help fill a gap in the plant community, where there are currently sites that just repeat commonly heard care tips; we plan to test these theories, ask experts and teach plant parents how to understand the biology of their plants.


How to Use our plant Archive

Orrinia has a few different sections that are important to understand for any budding plant enthusiast. The search function is probably where you will begin. We provide the ability to search many different characteristics of these plant, and we encourage you to explore them. 

Once you have selected a plant from the search results, you will be brought to a page full of information on the plant. This includes a very basic care sheet that may be useful to you if you need simple instructions on a plant that you just purchased.  This may be useful to beginner plant parents or collectors that just have too many plants to keep track of their names and needs. 

Underneath this will be more in-depth information with the plant’s history, how to identify it, and its biological processes. This can be navigated through the table of contents at the top of the page.