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My favorite plant: Scindaptus Pictus

Lead Writer/Editor - Jane Brennan

Hello! My name is Jane. I am the lead editor and writer of Orrinia. I have had a deep love for plants for many years and found myself part of the online houseplant community. As I began collecting plants, I found myself wanting to know more about how they worked and where they came from. Were they hybrids? Were they naturally occurring? What was their growth pattern called?
There was a severe lack of scientific information available about common and uncommon houseplants. I wanted to know more. There was a disconnect between the world of botany and everyday plant collectors. This gap is what created this blog. We plan to speak with botanists, biologists, and rare plant collectors to bring scientific information to the plant community.
We want to help others understand their plants in a way that may rival intuition; with biology

My favorite plant: Begonia Maculata

Lead Website Designer - Pericles Andon

Hi, My name is Pericles Andon. It is my job here to make a site that is accessible and easy to use. I am fascinated by the relationship between plant-life and human culture, and created this site largely so that I would have an opportunity to explore the history surrounding these beautiful life forms.  If you have any problems using the site, or would like to see a plant/information about a plant that is not currently up, do not hesitate to reach out.